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ZIP12 Antibody

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
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The zinc transporter ZIP12, also known as SLC39A12, is a member of a family of divalent ion transporters. Zinc is an essential ion for cells and plays significant roles in the growth, development, and differentiation. The zinc transporter family is divided into four subfamilies (I, II, LIV-1 and gufA). ZIP12 is a multipass membrane protein that belongs to the ZIP transporter subfamily LIV-1. Increased levels of ZIP12 have been observed during acute inflammation in the airway and asthma, suggesting that it may be promote increased zinc uptake, as this can reduce inflammation. The zinc content in brains in individuals with schizophrenia is lower than in individuals with other cerebral diseases, and mutations in ZIP12 have been observed in a small group of schizophrenic patients, suggesting that ZIP12 may play a role in this disease.