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ZIP2 Antibody

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
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The zinc transporter ZIP2, also known as SLC39A2, is a member of a family of divalent ion transporters. Zinc is an essential ion for cells and plays significant roles in the growth, development, and differentiation. Similar to knock-outs of ZIP1 and ZIP3, ZIP2-null mice have no phenotypic differences compared to wild-type mice. Only when ZIP1, ZIP2, and ZIP3 genes are all eliminated and these mutant mice are fed a zinc-deficient diet do abnormalities such as reduced embryonic-membrane bound alkaline phosphatase activity and abnormal development occur, indicating that the ZIP1-3 proteins play an important, noncompensatory role when zinc is deficient. More recent studies have shown that ZIP2 and ZIP3 are down regulated in human prostate adenocarcinomatous glands, and may be important in the retention of zinc in the cellular compartment.