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Lipodin Kits

Protein Transfection Reagents

Deliver active proteins into living cells within hours with the new Lipodin™ lipid-based reagents.

Lipodin™ is a protein transfection reagent that transports biologically active peptides, proteins and antibodies directly into living cells. Lipodin™ represents an alternative to nucleic acid transfection for functional studies. Lipodin™ is a lipid-based formulation that is added to the protein of interest minutes before cell delivery. Within few hours, protein activity can be observed in living or fixed cells. Regardless of serum addition, Lipodin™ is ideal for monitoring kinetics of biological activities in established cell lines and primary cells, including neurons.


  • Study living cells, no fixation needed
  • Deliver in many cell lines and primary cells including neurons
  • Up to 95% efficiency in less than 5 hours
  • Serum compatible, non cytotoxic

Lipodin-Ab™ - The Dedicated Antibody Delivery Reagent

Special formulation optimized for antibody delivery. 

Lipodin-Pro™ - The Ultimate Protein Transfection Reagent

Generic formulation for protein transfection