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Goat Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

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Abbiotec offers custom polyclonal antibody production services to the scientific community to accelerate a project From Biology to Discovery™. We can routinely accommodate projects in mouse, rat, rabbit, goat and llama, as well as other species on special request. Goats are similar to rabbits in producing a strong response against a wide range of antigens. We recommend using goat as a host species for antibody production when large amounts of antiserum are desired (>1 liter), such as:

  • bulk quantity for product inventory (antibody companies);
  • unique large lot for kit assembly (many diagnostic assays currently used worldwide have reagents of sheep or goat origin);
  • rabbit species not applicable for application (secondary for multiplexing, phylogenetic distance between antigen and host species).

To obtain good antibody responses, healthy and well-cared-for animals are essential. To inject and bleed animals safely and painlessly requires skill, patience, and practical training. In most countries, these procedures and the care and maintenance of laboratory animals are governed by specific legal requirements. These regulations vary from country to country but are designed to ensure the welfare of animals and to ensure that the operator is skilled and the manipulation justified. Abbiotec abides by these requirements and has acquired licenses and permits for its US-based animal facility.

Polyclonal Antibody Production Packages

Abbiotec has simplified the ordering process by offering 2 packages combining the most common customer requests:

Protein-specific Ab Combo: With 3 mg of protein as antigen, 100-200 mg of purified antibody is generated in goat against multiple epitopes in 4 months.

Peptide-specific Ab Combo: A peptide encompassing a short region of the target protein is used as antigen to generate in goat 100-200 mg of purified antibody in 5 months.

Abbiotec offers complimentary peptide design services to ensure the success of the project.

Cat. No.



Polyclonal Antibody Combo

Protein-specific Ab

Peptide-specific Ab




Peptide synthesis, purity>70%

Peptide synthesis, purity>90%


Peptide-KLH conjugation

Immunization and sera collection

Titration by ELISA

Protein-G purification

Antigen-affinity purification




4 months

5 months




Abbiotec offers numerous other antibody production services to customize a project to the investigator’s request. A non-exhaustive list is displayed below. For more information, please contact Technical Service Dept.

Cat. No.

Polyclonal Antibody Services



Protein-specific Ab Combo

Cat No. 100122, 100130, 100151



Peptide-specific Ab Combo

Cat No. 100210, 100110, 100122, 100130, 100151



Peptide synthesis, purity>70%, 15-19 mg



Peptide synthesis, purity>70%, 15-19 mg



Peptide-carrier bioconjugation



Animal immunization and antisera production (1 goat)



Titer test by ELISA



SAS purification



Protein-G purification



Antigen-affinity purification


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Since prices vary upon project customization, we recommend requesting a quotation using the Online Quotation Request Form for obtaining an accurate price. All requests are processed within 48 hrs.


Abbiotec guarantees competitive pricing and delivery time for all routine options.

Every antibody project is supplied with a Peptide Design and Project reports, when applicable. Abbiotec guarantees that the antibody generated using an antigen synthesized by Abbiotec will recognize the antigen in ELISA.

Althought most projects can be completed within 3-6 months, actual processing time is dependent on the peptide synthesis, animal immunization processes and antibody purification. Please contact the Technical Service Dept for updated timelines. Estimated delivery times are stated on all quotations.