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Llama Polyclonal Antibody Production Services

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Abbiotec offers custom polyclonal antibody production services to the scientific community to accelerate a project From Biology to Discovery™. We can routinely accommodate projects in mouse, rat, rabbit, goat and llama, as well as other species on special request. We are proud of offering “Made in USA” quality label for these services by using our USDA-registered animal facility (Certificate No. 93-R-0569) for our llamas.

This service is targeted for large scale production of llama antibody. Downstream purification of llama whole IgG yields hundreds of mg. If you want to use a llama antibody library, visit the website page specific for single-domain antibody production.

Llama VHH Antibodies: smaller is better !

Abbiotec is able to produce recombinant llama antibodies as reagents for the research, diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets. Antibodies are naturally occurring proteins with the ability to seek and bind to an essentially unlimited number of antigens. The specificity and selectivity of antibodies have made them an indispensable component of a wide variety of research, diagnostic and therapeutic activities. In the past decade, the most efficient drugs approved for cancer therapy are monoclonal antibodies engineered to recognize specific receptors on tumor cells and to destroy these cells. Current technologies to produce such antibodies are hindered by the generic antibody scaffold met in most mammals, a heterodimer of a heavy chain bound to light chains.

Llamas, as all members of the camelid family, produce antibodies with an original scaffold only made of heavy chains (IgG2 and IgG3), thus promoting binding to structural motifs unreachable before in protein targets, such as viral and enzymatic proteins. Subsequent inhibiting or neutralizing properties of these llama antibodies present them as ideal candidates for diagnostic and therapeutic agents in such fields of infectious diseases (AIDS, hepatitis, malaria), metabolic diseases (diabetes), or oncology (colon and breast cancers). Because engineering, selecting and producing these recombinant llama antibodies as single-domain antibodies (sdAbs), also called nanobodies for their shorter size, require outstanding competence and experience in recombinant antibody molecular and cell biology, few research teams in the world are able to deliver functional sdAbs for immunodiagnostic and immunotherapy.

Abbiotec offers its technical expertise to diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies as services for constructing immunized sdAb libraries using llama, screening of sdAb libraries and producing recombinant sdAbs in large scale. Abbiotec’s sdAb platform enables the generation of panels of high-affinity sdAbs ready for further development for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in less than 4 months.

VHH Properties

VHH single domain of IgG2/3 from dromedaries, camels, llamas, alpacas:

  • Single monomeric variable antibody domain: benefits of antibody binding and size of small molecule drugs
  • Longer CDR3 loop reaches out enzyme active sites and receptor clefts (mostly conformational epitopes)
  • Easy cloning and selection of high-affinity binders
  • Enhanced water solubility and temperature stability for production in bacteria
  • Improved tissue penetration (BBB crossing) and clearance, low antigenicity (high homology with human)

To obtain good antibody responses, healthy and well-cared-for animals are essential. Injecting and bleeding animals safely and painlessly requires skills, training, and patience. In most countries, these procedures as well as the maintenance of laboratory animals are governed by specific legal requirements. These regulations vary from country to country but are designed to ensure the welfare of animals and to ensure that the operator is skilled and the manipulation justified. Abbiotec abides by these requirements and has acquired licenses and permits for its US-based animal facility.

Llama Polyclonal Antibody Production

Abbiotec offers a Llama pAb Combo combining the most common customer request. A polyclonal antibody against multiple epitopes is generated in one llama in less than 4 months. With 1-3 mg of protein as antigen, over 1.5L of plasma is collected, and 100-200 mg of antibody is purified from 50 ml.

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Since prices vary upon project customization, we recommend submitting a quotation using the Quote Form available online for obtaining an accurate price. All requests are processed within 48 hrs.


Abbiotec guarantees competitive pricing and delivery time for all routine options. We are proud of offering “Made in USA” quality label for these services by using our USDA-registered animal facility.

Every antibody project is supplied with a Peptide Design and Project report, when applicable. Abbiotec guarantees that the antibody generated using an antigen synthesized by Abbiotec will recognize the antigen in an ELISA format.

Although most projects can be completed within 4 months, actual processing time is dependent on the peptide synthesis and animal immunization processes. Please contact the Technical Service Dept for updated timelines. Estimated delivery times are stated on all quotations.

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Llama Polyclonal Antibody Services


Llama pAb Combo

Cat No. 104103, 100130, 100151



Animal immunization and antisera production (1 llama)



Titer test by ELISA



Protein-G purification (50 ml)



Antigen-affinity purification (50 ml)



IgG1/2/3 Fractionation (50 ml)



PBMC Isolation