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Orexin B Peptide

Synthetic Peptide
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Orexins are neuropeptides that play a significant role in the regulation of food intake and sleep-wakefulness, possibly by coordinating the complex behavioral and physiologic responses of these complementary homeostatic functions. A broader role in the homeostatic regulation of energy metabolism, autonomic function, hormonal balance and the regulation of body fluids, is also suggested. Mutations in orexin gene are a cause of narcolepsy 1 (NRCLP1) due to a deficient orexin system and low level of rexins in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid of narcoleptic patients. Orexin A binds to both orexin receptor type 1 and 2 (OX1R and OX2R) with a high affinity, whereas orexin B binds only to OX2R with a similar high affinity. Orexin B Peptide is 28 aa long corresponding to aa 70-97 of orexin precursor after cleavage into Orexin A and B.