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Normal Llama Serum

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10 ml
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Normal Llama Serum (Cat. No. 701002) can be used as a control or a blocking serum. For immunohistochemistry applications, normal llama serum is frequently used as a blocking solution prior immuno labeling such as immunofluorescence imaging or immunohistochemistry. Using llama serum reduces the background due to immunoglobulins already present in the tissue. Product is collected from US origin non-immunized animals.

Each vial contains 10 ml sterile filtered normal llama serum that has been cleared of lipids.

Normal llama serum can be used as a control serum or blocking reagent at a 1:100-1:10,000 dilution.

Applications: B, E, WB, IF, IHC, IP

Alternate Names: normal llama serum; control llama serum; blocking llama serum