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Terms of Use

Abbiotec, Inc. agrees to provide its customers with products under the following terms and conditions.  By purchasing and receiving Abbiotec products, customers will agree to the following:

All Abbiotec products are provided solely for in vitro research use only.  Abbiotec products have NOT BEEN APPROVED FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL USE, directly or indirectly.  Customers agree not to administer any Abbiotec products to human or animal subjects in any manner or form or to use Abbiotec products for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.  Abbiotec customers will also agree not to use its products commercially without prior consent and without the presence of a signed agreement between customer and Abbiotec, Inc.  Licenses for diagnostic, therapeutic, or commercial resale use of Abbiotec may be available and can only be obtained by contacting Abbiotec directly.

Abbiotec expressly draws attention to the fact that its products are intended for laboratory and research purposes only. Abbiotec therefore supplies such products only for the purposes of public research, experimental and teaching institutes, technical facilities and pertinent industrial units.

Customers agree to abide and comply by all applicable local and federal laws that govern the use of research products for research use only.  This includes the correct use of Abbiotec products as intended and described in the product manual, and the safe handling and disposal of these products according to all applicable governmental regulations.

Abbiotec expressly forbids the distribution of dangerous substances to private persons. Abbiotec also draws attention to the fact that the absence of a hazard warning sign does not indicate that the product concerned is harmless. Abbiotec shall therefore not accept any liability for damage that could arise from the inappropriate handling or from any use in household applications or in humans and animals. Abbiotec shall likewise not accept any liability for damage (to any property or person) that arises from any inappropriate handling or storage of the products.

These product use limitations represent the entire terms and understandings between Abbiotec, Inc. and its customers.  These use limitations supersede all previous communications, representations, understanding and agreements, whether oral or written, by or between Abbiotec, Inc. and the customer regarding the use of Abbiotec products.  No change, modification, extension, termination or waiver of any of these use limitations shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of Abbiotec.